When I watch a TV show, I often look up the birthdays of the people involved to get to another level of understanding of why the show is successful, what are the frictions that lead to comic or dramatic results.

Why is Jimmy Kimmel having such a good interview, why a dull one?

Why is Stephen Colbert unusually dumbfounded or aggressive?

Take “Wheel of Fortune” for instance. A success for 33 years.

Host Pat Sajak’s Birthday is Oct. 26…Vanna White” Feb. 18

Pat is a 9 of Hearts…his Soul card is a 7 of Diamonds. Vanna is a 7 of Diamonds and her Soul card is a nine of Hearts…they are altre ego to each other, their chemistry and placement in the card spread has a Universal appeal, it’s a balance that’s infectious.

Finding a friend can be luck, but a clear determination and affirmation can achieve even more. Before you venture to new venues or search on line do an affirmation. Something like: I am attracting right people into my life.

I am meeting people with my values and interests.

I am attracting healthy and productive people into my life. etc., etc.,

I am this. I have this. And I release it, God brings this at the right time and place.

Then do an analysis of what you wrote…Is there a fear, a doubt??

Be in touch with the negative feeling that blocks manifestation of what you want.