There’s this guy who I’ve known of for a while now and we have just started dating/talking. I have a close connection to him for his sister is my Best Friend. Everything flows so seamlessly with us but we are taking it slow. I did the math; his birthday is 12/22/1990 & mines is 3/21/1991. It’s turns out that both of our life path numbers are that of 8. Would you happen to have anymore insight on this?

Thank you,




Him: 12/22/1990                                   4 8*/7 Att.

You: 3/21/1991                                     3 8*/6 Att.


Hi CB,

When I do a Numerology Chart Comparison, I actually look at the first and last name of the two people in addition to their full dates of birth. You have only provided the dates of birth, so here’s what I can tell you:

You are both 8 Life Paths and the Life Path is a very important Number. It means you will have many things in common, and things that you desire can be similar. It also means that when things get chaotic, there can be a breakdown in communication and, like tracing the Number 8, you can feel like you are going round and round, not necessarily being heard.

He was born on a Master 22/4 Day and you were born on a 3 Day. The 3 is known for having a strong sense of humor, it is the lighter Energy of the two and I’m sure he will appreciate that because he can be very intense. You also have a 6 Attitude, which is a nurturer; you feel called to take care of other people. He has a 7 Attitude which means he can be a “man of mystery” and you won’t always know what’s up with him.

You do have a couple of Challenges out of those three Numbers, but it is a good sign that your Life Path is a Natural Match.

Good luck to you!


Who is the most compatible to me?










Hi Duane,

Ok, I can play this Numbers game! You were born on a 9 Day, 6 Life Path with a 1 Attitude. I went through all the birthdates you gave me and the one that is the most Compatible to you is the woman born on 7/2/1980. She is born on a 2 Day with a 9 Attitude and a 9 Life Path. You would be considered very Compatible, I think you would have good conversation, and excellent chemistry.

Like I said, those three Numbers you gave me for your birthdate are Compatible to hers; the Day she was born is Compatible, her Attitude Number is Compatible, and her Life Path is a Natural Match.

The rest of them have some Compatibility with you out of their three Numbers, but there is also a few Challenge Numbers. Since you’ve got all these options, why not try the one who would be most Compatible to you?

Good luck Duane! Let me know what happens. 🙂