Before I answer the couple’s questions about their relationship below, I want to briefly explain how I do a Numerology Chart Comparison. I get three Numbers from the name, and three Numbers from the birth date. Those six Numbers give me the Numerology Blueprint of who someone is. Then when I have the Numerology charts of two people, I can do a Numerology Chart Comparison, and see if the relationship will sizzle or fizzle! Read on…



I have recently run into my high school sweetheart, and we have been talking for about a year now. I have always thought of him and considered him my first love. I guess I am unsure whether we should pursue forward as a couple or as friends?

Thank you,





Note: Last names and birth dates have been removed to protect privacy.


Trish          2 4 6 7 4*/ 2 Attitude


Adam        3 9 3 7 7*/ 8 Attitude


*Denotes Life Path Number


Hi Trish,

When I look at the Numerology between you and Adam, there is a lot of good there. You are born on a 7 Day with a 4 Life Path, and a 2 Attitude; He is born on a 7 Day with a 7 Life Path, and an 8 Attitude. In a Chart Comparison, your Life Path Numbers are a compatible, your Birthday Numbers are a Natural Match, and your Attitude Numbers are a Natural Match.

You have only one Challenge Number in your Name Numbers which gives you one Challenge Number out of the six Numbers, so I do think this is a relationship worth exploring. However, since he is Double 7 in Numerology, it would be best if makes the first move. Has he said that he wants to be with you?

When you say you have been talking for about a year now, does that mean he does not live where you live? That could become an issue in your relationship. Would you be willing to relocate? Would he? It would be best to know that before you consider letting this relationship become more intimate again.

I see he has several 3s in his chart, which promotes his humor and playfulness. However, with his double 7, he will always have some mystery. The 7’s can also be very direct– they can verbally execute a person, and not even notice they have done so. Has he hurt your feelings this past year? Has he said things that rubbed you the wrong way? If so, that is something you need to also consider.

However, if you feel there is a lovely flow between you, and you really enjoy each other –then, Yes Trish, I suggest you open yourself up to having a real relationship with him once again.



Hello Glynis,

I am feeling so confused right now. I have been with my fiancé for 2.5 years and now I have actually given the ring back to him.

I have done a lot of work on myself, but I still feel like our life together is so much work and not the relationship I was hoping for.

I feel that it may be an illusion on my part, but something does not feel right to stay. I need your help.

According to the information from your course, I do understand that it is time for both of us to move forward. But does it mean that we should go separate ways, or is it just another challenge of mine that I have to work with him?

Please help!

With lots of appreciation, light and love,



Note: Last names and birth dates have been removed to protect privacy.


Isabella      4 9 4 1 5*/ 2 Attitude


Patrick       4 2 6 6 2*/ 2 Attitude


*Denotes Life Path Number



Although I can see that you are both in a Personal Year Cycle of 1, which promotes moving forward, it may not necessarily mean you should move forward together. You have some real Challenges in your Numerology Chart Comparison. You are born on 1 Day and he is born on a 6 Day – That 1/6 is a Challenge and can cause conflict.

Your Life Path Number is 5, and his Life Path Number is a 2. The 2 and the 5 are very different Energies in Numerology, and how they respond to what comes up in life can be very different. I am thinking that since you have already been married before, you do not want to make a mistake twice. So, it is not surprising that you returned the engagement ring.

I think you are both good people, but with the Challenges you have in your Numerology Chart comparison, it would be very hard for you to stay together. So trust your gut instinct and do what’s best for both of you.