Love By the Numbers Q and A March 2017

Vicky’s Question:

I fell asleep and dreamt of the numbers 9/11. I stumbled on here and thought, “Maybe there’s something more.”


Hi Vicky, when you see 9-1-1 in a dream or in life, it’s really a dream about time. The message is that today is all you have and tomorrow is promised to no one. So, If you’ve been stalling on doing something with your life, you are reminded that you do not have all the time in the world. The more you can manage to do in each day, the happier you will be in your life.

Richard’s Question:

I’m having trouble finding and keeping a partner. I was born the 5th of March, 1949. Can you tell me if all is lost for me?


You were born on a 5 Day, with 8 Attitude, 4 Life Path. Richard, as long as you desire love, it is always possible to achieve. You have high standards. The 8 tells me that you have a definite opinion of what this person should look like, and 5 means you want someone who’s exciting and stimulating, otherwise you get bored.

Be positive in your approach: Join up with groups like paranormal date where you can socialize, and also take classes that you’re interested in. We are never too old to keep learning, especially in your case- you’re a 4 Life Path who craves knowledge, and the more you learn, the more alive you feel. So no, all is not lost.

I do recommend you pick up my book Love by the Numbers because it teaches you how to look at all six Numbers that make up a person’s chart and enables you to find your Soul Mate on paper before you even meet them!

Virginia’s Question:

I’m not sure, I could be more afraid to date. I’ve been told I’m unapproachable. I was married for 28 years to an unfaithful man, can’t seem to get the hang of it in the dating world. I’ve been alone for 7 years, help! Don’t want to be alone anymore. My date of birth: 8/25/1961.


Hi Virginia, you were born on a 7 Day, you’re a 5 Life Path, you’re a 6 Attitude. Although you say you don’t want to be alone anymore, I think you, also, don’t want to ever get hurt in love again. And because of what you went through, you’re afraid to take a chance again. You’re in a Personal Year Cycle of 7. The 7 Energy encourages us to take time to observe your life and decide what matters to you. There’s a part of you that’s a loner. You’re probably hanging at your house and not doing things that are social. To find a partner, You have to get out there, even if it’s joining a gym or taking a creative writing class. It’s all about networking and meeting people who share your values. I do recommend you pick up my CD called Affirmations to Attract Healthy Love because I know it works. You can order the CD at my website. Type “lovenumbers” in the promo code and you will get 20% off.the price. I wish you healthy love and I know it’s possible!