When you are looking for a love relationship, it is best to be proactive. I am a firm believer in dating websites such as this one because it’s how I met my husband Charlie. When you meet a potential mate, it really is wise to run their numbers and do a chart comparison.

You would do this because want to make sure you are compatible. For example a 5 life path would be someone who’s always on the go and they may want to travel and  can’t sit still. A 4 life Path is more concerned about their home and may not want to travel as much, so that can be an automatic problem in the relationship.

Let’s say you are a 3 life path and are known for having a strong sense of humor, but you meet someone who is an 8 life Path who doesn’t like your humor and often stares at you with a blank face when most people in your life would be laughing! It is Challenge Numbers like these that make you understand why it matters so much.

I have been with my husband for 15 years now and I can honestly say it does feel like an extended honeymoon! We laugh at some point every single day and have never gone to bed angry with each other. Is so important that you not go to bed angry because that resentment can fester and before you know it, it can destroy your relationship.

So for those of you looking for love at Paranormal Date, know that I am rooting for you!! Once you meet somebody you are welcome to come here to the blog- give your first and last name with full date of birth and that person’s information you want to know more about.  I will give you my numerology insights to let you know if this is someone you should be with, or should you keep fishing?! 😊