Your example of a comment fixes pretty close to my issues but I was married to an unfaithful man for 19 years and stayed for my two children and because he threatened me if I tried to leave and have other men in their lives.
It’s been 9 years and I’m afraid to even show any interest but I really want a loving relationship and to have a love life.
I was told by an astrologer there’s no hope….what do you say?

I’m not good at explaining myself, and I’m not really attractive, so I’m concerned about the online world.
I sure hope this is safe.


Hi Patty, (last name and Birth date removed for privacy)You can rest assured that your information is kept private and your birthday will not be posted, just the Numbers I derive from it. You were born on an 8 Day, have an 8 Life Path, and a 3 Attitude Number. When you have a Double 8, you have to be careful not to feel like a victim in your life. When things go wrong, you start to think that everything else will go wrong and that it can’t get any better. I believe you have fallen into that pattern of thinking, as you did stay with a man for so long who was unfaithful and verbally abusive to you- I’m sorry you did not get out any sooner.

However, it is time for you to find a way to be in the moment! You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and it is absolutely possible for you to attract healthy love as long as you know the Numerology of that person, and make sure they are compatible to you.

As for saying you’re unattractive, I don’t know exactly what that means; if it’s about your physical body, then you should join a gym, start exercising, and make healthier food choices so you can feel better.

If you’re concerned about your face and you don’t wear makeup, then start wearing some makeup! J If it’s your hair, and don’t color it, maybe it’s gone grey, try coloring your hair. These are all simple suggestions, but they will make a big difference. We can always make an effort to look better, and it says something about us to the people we meet along the way.

The Numbers to keep in mind that are compatible to you are 2, 4, and 6.To learn more, I suggest you pick up my book Love by the Numbers and really educate yourself. You will actually find out what turns each Life Path Number on and off, and that will give you some of the insights that you can use to your advantage!


I have been dating a guy (Ashlin) and when we met, we had an immediate connection. Although I feel deeply connected to him, I do feel as though something may not be right between us. Is he someone I should continue to pursue, or should I let go and move on?



(last names and any birthdates removed to protect privacy)


You did not give me your birth date, so I’m just going to tell you some things from your Name Numbers, and since you gave me his birth date, I can give you some strong insights about him as well.

You’ve got the name numbers 2/2/4. Those numbers are all about commitment; wanting to be exclusive and knowing where you stand in a relationship is very comforting to you. The problem with Ashlin is that he has a Double 5 and a Double 1 in his chart, which means that no one can control him. He’s going to do what he wants to do.

When you ask if you should still pursue him? You actually should NEVER pursue someone with that kind of chart! J It is his job to pursue you. If that is the way it is going right now for you, I would say that he is not ideal, and that you should open yourself to someone who really wants you, and I am sure he is out there!