June breaks down to the Number 6, and the 6 Vibration is a magnetic vibration and encourages you to go out to meet new people, and is a perfect month to go on dates.  This is the month for you to take advantage of your Paranormal Date membership and really start pursuing someone and meeting up in person.

The month the 6 is also about enjoying all of nature’s beauty, spending time near water (ocean, lake etc..), in the mountains and taking it in the sun. It’s a great month to go out with someone new, and you should pick a restaurant that has outdoor seating- if the weather is beautiful where you live. It certainly is here in California! 🙂

Take advantage of the weekends if you can, and consider meeting your date at a nice restaurant that you have always wanted to go to.  One word of caution: the 6 vibration is a strong vibration and encourages you to speak your mind, and since this is a potential new relationship, I suggest you bite your tongue and take your time to get to know this person before you tell them everything you feel! Especially on tougher subjects such as politics!!

If you’re feeling critical about yourself right now- perhaps your physical body does not look the way you want it to- this is a good month to start doing a fitness program- get your hair done- buy new clothes- all of this is a good idea because remember the 6 is magnetic Vibration and people will be drawn to you- so use that energy to your advantage!!

And if you do meet someone special, feel free to write me here at the blog and give me your first and last names with your birth dates, and I’ll tell you what I see!! Happy Dating, and here’s to finding a healthy love relationship- I am rooting for you! 🙂