Responses To Love Questions On Paranormal Date


Here are my numbers; my mate is 97738/3 and my numbers are 33632/3. Please let me know our vibration number and I believe the majority number of our numbers are natural. I know our Birth day, Life Path and Attitude are all Naturally Matched. Not sure about the Soul Number, Personality Number and Power Name Number connection. Our Destiny Number for both of us is 4 and his Maturity Number is 3 and my Maturity Number number is 6. I did all the work from your book Love by the Numbers.

Thanks for your response.



Hi Dondra,

Since you did the Numerology Blueprint, I have no idea if they were done correctly because you did not give me the first and last name and full date of birth. Assuming what you’ve written here is correct, I would say you have a strong connection in Numerology- where you are really different is that double 7 Vibration that you have in your chart. There may be times where your mate wants to communicate with you, and you don’t feel like talking and want some space.

When that happens, you just need to let him know that it’s nothing personal, and it’s just part of who you are.  I would also suggest you work on the spiritual side of your life, as that double 7 really needs spiritual information in order to be truly happy in this life time.

Since you share the double 3 Vibration, communication and humor are the keys to having a healthy relationship. Find ways to laugh and really enjoy each other’s company. Since your Destiny Number and Maturity Number are Naturally Matched, this relationship looks very promising in Numerology.

Take good care!


Hello Glynis!

My name is Kenneth my birthday 12/19/1984 and I met this girl, her name is Crystal and her birthday is 7/05/1985. I really like her and we have a lot in common, I just wanted to see if we have a future together. Thanks!


Hi Ken,

You did not give me the last name for both of you or your full birth certificate names for me to study your Numerology Blueprints even further. However, from what you did give me, your birth numbers are pretty compatible. You share the Life Path Number 8 which is a Natural Match. You are born on a 1 day, and she is born on a 5 day which is also a Natural Match.

Your Attitude Numbers are considered a Challenge in Numerology- you have a 4 Attitude and she is a 3 Attitude. That means when you do disagree with one another, you will need to find a way to compromise in order to avoid major conflict.

When two 8 Life Path Numbers get together, they have to be careful not to “go round and round” by making the same mistakes over and over again. As a couple, you two have the ability to recognize the mistakes you are making and stop and say “let’s regroup and get it right.”

Since you are both an 8 Life Path, finding ways to establish financial security will be very important to both of you. You will have to find a balance when it comes to finances, and believe me it will make a tremendous difference if you do that.

The fact that you were born on a 1 and and Crystal was born on 5 day tells me that you are both strong minded and like to stay busy. One of the things you can do to keep the relationship healthy is travel!

Every time you go to a new location together, it will actually strengthen your relationship.If you want to learn your whole chart, I suggest you order a Soul mate report at Type,” lovenumbers” in the promocode to get 20% off.