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Brief Bio about Numerologist Glynis McCants: Glynis McCants has been practicing Numerology for over 21 years. Her unique method is based on the Pythagoras Number system, which is more than 2,500 years old. After evaluating approximately 15,000 Numerology Charts, she wrote the book Glynis Has Your Number,which quickly became the best selling Numerology book in the country. The book has been published in fifteen languages . After successfully picking her husband Charlie through Numerology, Glynis was inspired to write her second book Love by the Numbers, which has also become a Best-Seller. Many of you know Glynis McCants from being a guest of George Noory’s on his Coast to Coast radio show.You may have also seen on TheDr. Phil show, The Today Show, Nightline, CBS’ The Talk, The Dr. Oz Show, The View and Entertainment Tonight. She’s been featured in L.A. Confidential Magazine, Time
Magazine, In Touch, Star Magazine, US Weekly and People Magazine. The producers of the movie Number 23 hired her as the Numerology expert for the Jim Carrey film of that name, and she has a Numerology segment located under “Special Features” on the Number 23 DVD. Glynis was the Numerology Expert on the show Dancing with the Stars, and successfully predicted who the winners of the show would be on Season 4 and Season 5. Before the Presidential Elections in October, 2008, Glynis McCants was on The View and millions heard her predict—through the Numbers—that Barack Obama and Joe Biden would win the election. She also predicted that President Obama would win his second term by a slight edge in 2012. Glynis tells us that when we have someone’s Name and Date of Birth, we can accurately assess who they really are; also by knowing our own Numerology Blueprint, we can focus on our strengths and overcome our weaknesses. Numbers are not just in people, but in everything– such as our homes, business, city, state, et al, Glynis shares her knowledge in a way that makes it possible for everyone to apply it to our own lives. As a result, she is changing lives for the better through the power of Numerology! For more information about Glynis McCants and Numerology, please visit

7December 2017


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Hi my name is Francine. I was Born on 04/02/1938. Will I ever find love again ?
Let me know and thank you!


I am a firm believer that if you want love, you can make it happen! This year […]

22August 2017

Love By The Numbers Advice

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When you are looking for a love relationship, it is best to be proactive. I am a firm believer in dating websites such as this one because it’s how I met my husband Charlie. When […]

4June 2017

Numerologist Glynis McCants lets you know is June a good month to find Love?

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June breaks down to the Number 6, and the 6 Vibration is a magnetic vibration and encourages you to go out to meet new people, and is a perfect month to go on dates.  This […]

6March 2017

Love By The Numbers answers your Numerology Questions!

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Love By the Numbers Q and A March 2017

Vicky’s Question:

I fell asleep and dreamt of the numbers 9/11. I stumbled on here and thought, “Maybe there’s something more.”


Hi Vicky, when you see 9-1-1 […]

1January 2017

Numerologist Glynis McCants explains the power of 11:11

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I keep hearing about the numbers 11:11 as being significant. I have asked several people about it and a friend referred me to you. Can you give me some information about 11:11, and how I […]

2December 2016

Glynis McCants answers some of your Love By the Numbers questions!

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Hi. I’m facing a blockage in love life. I’m 27 and single. haven’t been able to find a guy that’s suitable for me. I met few people but didn’t found myself attracted towards them. I’m […]

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