Penelope (last name removed to protect privacy) 10/11/1972

43724*/3 Attitude

Wyndell (last name removed to protect privacy) 4/12/1978

5 5 1 3 5* / 7 Attitude

* Denotes the Life Path Number

Hi Glynis,

My name is Penelope, I was born Oct. 11, 1972 and I am still in love with my ex Wyndell born April 12, 1978. Please tell me if these emotions are worth holding on too? Are we compatible for each other, or should I release myself from this bondage?

Glynis what is my Number? PLEASE HELP!!


Hello Penelope,

After studying the Numerology chart of you and your ex, I have to say you need to let him go. The most important Number in someone’s personal Numerology is there Life Path. You are a 4 Life Path and he is a 5 Life Path. The 5 and the 4 are not compatible, they are a challenge in Numerology and that really matters because when you get stressed out in life, you will act out from the position of your Life Path Number. Example: When you get upset, you want to know where you stand, and what’s going on. Basically you want a logical explanation . The 5 does not, the 5 is more like “Leave me alone, don’t try to control me, I can’t breathe, you are overwhelming me” and that is exactly what he does to you.

The fact is he’s got three 5’s in his chart with a 1 and 7 which are all mind Numbers – Cerebral People, there is a lot going on in his head. So I am wondering if the reason you can’t let him go is because he is unattainable. You feel challenged by it and maybe because you are born on the Master Number 11 day, you feel like you are supposed to find a way to master the relationship, to get it back, and I say “NO”. The negative side of a 4 Life Path is that they can be long suffering and be unhappy in a relationship, but still want to keep it going just for the sake of the relationship. I say “there is better out there for you, much better.”

Since you have written me on the Paranormal Dating website, it is time to put yourself out there and when you meet someone new this time, send me his Numbers, and we will see if you have a love match!

Good luck to you! 🙂