Written by Numerologist Glynis McCants,

Aka “The Numbers Lady”

How I Use Numerology to Help people Find Love:

I am Numerologist Glynis McCants AKA “The Numbers Lady”, and before you read any of the Numerology Chart Comparisons about the couples below, let me briefly explain what Numerology is, and how it works.

Numerology is a Science of Numbers, and the system I use was created by Pythagoras over 2500 years ago. It is based on the belief that everything in the universe has a “Vibration”, and affects all things. This is especially true when it comes to people.

When I use this System, I get three Numbers from the name, and three Numbers from the birth date. Those six Numbers give me the Numerology Blueprint of who a person is. When I have the Numerology charts of two people, I can then do a Chart Comparison, and let the potential couple know the pros and cons of their relationship- Using the science of Numbers, I am able to answer the burning question that everyone has which is,” Should I stay, or Should I go?”



Hi Glynis,


I met a man and had an instant attraction and connection with him. We started dating shortly after meeting and have been together for almost a year. While breaking down his numbers and doing a chart comparison I realized we had a lot of numbers in common! This for me confirmed the immediate connection we shared. For years I had been using the affirmations in your book, Love by the Numbers and felt as though love had arrived! Amen…My question for you is, what are the chances of us having a lasting relationship?

The reason why I ask is because although he is a 6 Life Path I feel as if he is scared of marriage or being completely emotionally involved. He says he’s been hurt in the past, I understand… but I also do not want to get hurt in the long run by sticking around!

Thank you for everything you do!!





Note: Last names removed to protect privacy.

Shana                           6 8 5 7 9*/ 8 Attitude Number



Todd                             3 7 1 5 6*/ 8 Attitude Number



*Denotes the Life Path Number


Hi Shana,


Your close connection is definitely in the Numbers. The Numbers also reveal why Todd has such a hard time letting go of the past. When he says he’s afraid of commitment because of his past, he means it. I believe that much of this is coming from his Birth Certificate Name – which breaks down to 9/9/9.


The 9 has trouble letting go of the past, and you can see that the Energy of three 9s would make it very difficult indeed. Since you are a 9 Life Path, I hope you have already learned this particular lesson. The 9 also has issues with abandonment, so I understand your fear that if you give your heart completely, he could break it.


That makes me think of the saying, “Tis better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all.” I think you should always be willing to take a chance on love (if the numbers are compatible) and see what’s there, but also be attentive to when someone opens up to tell you what their fears are. You’ve got to listen carefully.


One thing that you didn’t mention, but I am curious: does he have any negative ways of escaping? Do you find that he drinks a little too much? Does he work too much? What are his bad habits? I ask this because he has 1, 5, and 7 in his Numerology Chart, and on the negative side of those numbers, it is not uncommon for them to find ways to escape their emotions.


Todd was also born on a 5 day, and if someone comes on too strong to the 5 Energy, they may feel like they have no personal space and will panic. Since you have a 5 in your own chart, I’m sure you can readily understand that. Your Soul Number is 6 and he is a 6 Life Path, so on a subconscious level, he makes you feel fulfilled right down to your very soul.

I am happy that you have actually found yourself in a relationship after being single for many years. And I do think it was the power of your love affirmations that made it possible.


You are both in a Personal Year Cycle of 7, which mean you should be working on the spiritual side of your relationship. If you do, your love can actually continue to grow and become even deeper.


You are blessed to have found each other and I don’t believe Todd will find better than you Shana-I honestly believe that, with hard work, he can overcome his fears. However, if he does not realize the gift that you are to him, don’t be afraid to open your heart to someone else.



Robert born on: 12/29/1953

Lisa born on:     10/8/1955


Are our numbers compatible? We have known and dated each other for some time now. She seems to be more possessive than I like, but we seem to get along pretty good. What do the numbers say? Thanks!




Note: The names have been altered to protect privacy.


Robert:       8 7 6 2 5* /5 Attitude Number



Lisa:          1 4 5 8 11/2* /9 Attitude Number



*Denotes the Life Path Number



Hi Robert,


When I look at your chart comparison, I find it is very interesting. The part where you say, “She seems to be more possessive than I like” made me smile because you are a 5 Life Path and she is a 11/2 Life Path, and the 5 NEVER wants to be controlled! If I were talking to Lisa, I would tell her, “Just let him go do his thing – he will always come back to you if you DO NOT try to control him.”


The good news is you do have a soul mate connection with Lisa, because you share three numbers out of six which are 11/2, 5, and 8 in your chart comparison. The 11/2 promotes romance and finding ways to stay in love. The 5 encourages the need for freedom and adventure. You two should definitely go on trips together to get out of your regular environment. The 8 is all about money and working on the financial side of your life. I would suggest you two plan out your finances so that money does not become a big issue down the line.


And Robert, since you were born on an 11/2 day, I believe you intuitively know that Lisa really does love you and is worth your while. If Lisa is willing to loosen the reins in this relationship, you two could go the distance!



Hi Glynis,

I have a question regarding my current relationship, and I really hope you can help me better understand if it’s ‘right’ or not.  We amazingly found each other on this tiny island I currently live on for work.  I am a ‘temporary’ resident and he recently retired and moved back here.  Considering I have had no success even FINDING anyone to have a relationship with when I was in a city of over 4 million, to find someone on a tiny island and whom I actually like (and love), I took it as a ‘sign’.  We can have the best of times and then, in an instant, it can turn volatile and I am left in the dust wondering ‘what happened?’
I really hope to hear from you and whatever advice you can give me that will provide me some direction.  Considering my age…I am a novice at relationships!
Thank you so much in advance!
Sincerely, Katie


Note: names have been altered to protect privacy:

Katie:       8 4 3 1 5*/2 Attitude Number



Lee:           4 1 5 5 1*/3 Attitude Number



*Denotes Life Path Number


Hi Katie,

I can see why you feel such an amazing connection with Lee, and I can also see why the relationship can be going smoothly, and then suddenly there is a blowout that crushes you.

Please note that you have more power in this relationship than you realize- You are born on a 1 day with a 5 Life Path, and he is born on a 5 Day with a 1 Life Path. Those numbers are a mirror image to one another; so if the relationship is going off course and becomes negative, you have the power to flip it to the positive.

Since you have an 8 and a 4 in your Numerology, I feel that you can be very outspoken yourself–if you don’t agree with someone, you will speak your mind, and say what you think. That tells me that your outspokenness can get you into trouble. Since Lee also has a 4 in his chart, it means if he thinks he is right, he doesn’t give up on his position easily either.

You share the numbers 1, 5, and 4 which tells me you have a very strong connection. When you have that many numbers in common, it is difficult to end the relationship. So if you can find ways to keep it healthy, it is important to do so.

You also have a 2 Attitude which tells me when someone gets upset with you or if you feel misinterpreted, it really hurts your feelings. You have to disconnect a little and say Okay, I can’t be so sensitive and try to step back and understand where they are coming from. Even though you feel strongly about what you think is right, stop and consider how Lee is perceiving it.

You must learn to act as a team, and not be critical of one another. If you’re willing to compromise and take the time to really enjoy each other’s company by doing things together such as “date night”, it will go a long way in keeping your relationship healthy.

One word of caution: Even with a perfect Numerology chart comparison, if someone is abusing alcohol or drugs, it can destroy the relationship. Make sure that is not the case with either one of you.   


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